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About Be Right Marketing

With a passion for results, Be Right Marketing isn’t just another marketing company looking to make a quick buck.

We have years of experience helping our clients achieve effective results, we will treat you like family when it comes to helping your business grow online.

Our priority isn’t the dollar, it’s you!


Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Acheiving Results and Perfecting the Process

At Be Right Marketing, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve success. With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to delivering effective results, we prioritize our clients’ growth.

Our team, led by industry expert Brandon Burns, CEO, is dedicated to offering exceptional solutions. We specialize in branding, copywriting, social media management, workforce training, analytics, web development, email marketing, and SEO. Let’s join forces and make a significant impact together!

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Our Awesome Team

Brandon Burns

Brandon Burns

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Washington State, Brandon has a passion for helping businesses through the power of technology.

James Kent

James Kent

Directory of Marketing

Hailing from Houston TX, James prefers to bury his head in analytics to make sure that his clients are getting the best results possible.

Jason Wright

Jason Wright

Director of Sales

From Canada, Jason has a passion for connecting people with services that are going to help them grow their business to the next level.

Mary Pierce

Mary Pierce

Director of Design

With a keen eye for detail, this Floridian excels in crafting masterful ad creatives and mapping out stunning website designs. 

Our Values

Take a look at some of the things that Be Right Marketing uses on a daily basis to help their clients.


We believe that great results can come fast! We work diligently to get your projects off the ground so you can start seeing real results!


We know that each day is an opportunity to learn something new, for this reason, we are constantly working to train our team on the newest tech, software, and algorithms so we can continue to deliver stunning results!


Getting results is great! But getting them consistently is even better! This is why we take a methodical and consistent approach with each project so we can analyze and continuously improve the results we get for our clients.

What We Do Best

PPC Marketing


Social Media

Sales Training


Web Development

Email Marketing


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